Surviving Death Going Well

My death and quick resurrection made it into the local newspaper on the front page. There will be a followup coming later too I think.


6 responses to “Surviving Death Going Well

  1. .. Hey .. recover, relax.. just get well
    Damn it.. you’re a survivor ..
    been where few can ever report back from ..

    .. That makes you very very special
    That you’re a glowing heart Canadian doubly so..
    OK .. mebbe outta sight moreso

    Don’t think too hard, struggle with doubts or fears..
    go live SaskBoy .. report back on your travels..

    You have no idea the esteem you are held in
    .. by many many grateful & aware Canadians..

  2. Good to see you back John, your dissection of the daily BS from our ‘government’ has been missed. Hope you are firing on all cylinders soon.

  3. Did you at least get to see the oft-rumoured light?

    Wait. What? Never mind. Those of us not supporting the Harper cabal have always seen the light.

    Hope all is well. Take care.

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