Woke up

I woke up this morning thinking of the Weird Al tune: “I’m So Sick of You”. Probably tired of being poked and vampired every morning  already. Hope today goes well.


10 responses to “Woke up

  1. Good to hear from you, Saskboy. Like so many I’ve been visiting your Facebook page for updates. It sounds like you had a lot of people scared. Hope you’re back on your feet ASAP. A hospital is no place to waste a summer.

  2. You scared the hell out of me too. Your web site is valued beyond measure, by many Canadians. I can sympathize with you being harpooned every day.

    I am sure the hospital is giving you the best of care. However, we want you well and back home.

  3. hi John…I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. I hope you get to go home soon and can get back to blogging because you are a precious member of our little blogging family and we all miss you…

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