ConCalls: Insufficient Investigation for #RoboCon

A lawyer central to the Federal Court challenge of election fraud in 2011, has made a list of deficiencies in the Elections Canada Commish’s report.

What led the Commish Cote to ignore obvious evidence and conclusions. Hopefully it’s not a factor of being appointed by Stephen Harper, but any reason still leaves Canadians with an unsolved crime. The Commish failed to carry out his duty to protect Canadian elections from crime.

The Commissioner explains the purpose of his investigation this way:

The purpose of the investigation was to determine one thing: whether there was enough evidence to recommend to the Director of Public Prosecutions that charges be laid for violations of the Canada Elections Act in relation to nuisance calls or calls providing incorrect poll location information outside the electoral district of Guelph.

However, as set out in s. 509 of the Canada Elections Act (the “Act”), the Commissioner’s mandate is actually much broader than this – He is charged with the duty “to ensure that [the] Act is complied with and enforced.”

The Commissioner Failed to Investigate CIMS as the Most Likely Source of Voter Suppression Calls

Even more problematic is the Commissioner’s apparent failure to properly investigate the Conservative Party of Canada’s (CPC) voter information data base, “CIMS”, as the likely source of the voter suppression he was investigating.

We know from the ITO filed in the Guelph investigation that the list used by ‘Pierre Poutine’ was downloaded from CIMS – a fact that the Commissioner fails to note in his report. The judgment of the Federal Court similarly pointed directly to CIMS as the source of voter


3 responses to “ConCalls: Insufficient Investigation for #RoboCon

  1. Yes. An obvious cover-up. To which the harpercon trolls will stammer something stupid about “harper derangement syndrome” or “I’m worried about the state of your mental health Saskboy.”

    Contemptible idiots.

  2. More evidence of an incomplete investigation are rolling in across the country as complainants were never contacted by Elections Canada who was supposedly pursuing evidence of fraudulent calls.

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