PMO: RCMP is Deeply Offended You’re Not Buying Their Crap

“Come on!” – RCMP

The Canadian people know when they’re being fed smoke and mirrors, and things taste very smoky and shiny right now.

“Thanks to the RCMP, we know that senior officials in our government were conspiring to cover up tens of thousands of dollars in (seemingly) improper payments to senators. The internal emails and interview transcripts published by the RCMP show Wright, Duffy and a host of lawyers and senators doing all kinds of things they would never do if they didn’t think they could keep it secret.”

“The way our legal system is set up, we will never know why the Mounties decided not to proceed unless it comes out in court if the force proceeds with charges against Mike Duffy, which is expected in the coming weeks. But it’s up to politicians, not police or judges, to tell us how it is that the prime minister’s chief of staff is able to make a secret payment to a sitting legislator without facing criminal prosecution.

There is no way that should be legal.”

6 responses to “PMO: RCMP is Deeply Offended You’re Not Buying Their Crap

      • Why? It will amount to exactly nothing, and for the same reason: there was absolutely NO intent to commit bribery or fraud. None. The general public saw this right away…why can’t you? Your first clue should have been that no one could figure out how Nigel Wright could possibly have benefited from this…no, wait…that should have been the second clue; the first was that one Conservative lent/gave money to another Conservative. So what? Millions of people all across Canada saw this on the news and came to the same conclusion as I did: much ado about nothing.

      • Fred, your childlike naivete isn’t so sweet. Wright benefited by pleasing his political master who gave him the go-ahead to do this. Simply offering a bribe is a crime. That it was taken by Duffy to do his PEIisms, isn’t making Wright’s case for him, even if the RCMP brass tried their best. At least they fooled you.

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