Soudas was Resign-Fired #HarperFired #cdnpoli

It happens with plenty of Harperites. They Resign, no wait, they were Fired. Depending on who you are, there’s a different tale of what caused the undesirable to fall under the Harper Omni-Bus.


Soudas Another Harperite Fired/Resigned #cdnpoli

Nigel Wright who worked in the Prime Minister’s Office until last year was also Resign-Fired.


Michael Sona was Resign-Fired too. Maybe this needs a name or hashtag? #HarperFired?



5 responses to “Soudas was Resign-Fired #HarperFired #cdnpoli

  1. hi John…good one. We really do need a new language to deal with those liars and fraudsters. Those Orwellians who mould language like putty or a cow patty to confuse and distort everything. I would suggest they use “strategically moved or tactically displaced” to replace fired or resigned. But of course #HarperFired is our best choice… ;)

  2. Was it actually Harper who decided DS had to go? I’ve heard suggestions the decision was Gerstein’s, which would make sense. He’s one of the few players who can get his way regardless of what Harper wants.

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