PRISM: Obama Broke Hearts And Promises

Kinsella is right that Obama has broken hearts.

The precise moment at which Barack Obama broke many progressive hearts, however, is just as easy to ascertain: it came in June of last year, when it was revealed that the U.S. government – aided and abetted by the “Five Eyes,” the governments of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom – were literally spying on millions of their own citizens.
So, will my former champion, Barack Obama, read this column, and its earnest plea for our constitutions to be worth the paper they are written on?

No need. The NSA likely tracked my keystrokes, intercepted my email to editors, and provided the president’s staff with a copy long before this morning’s paper hit the streets.

Welcome to the new era, where our “freedom” is gutted in the name of, you know, “freedom.”

Snowden, meanwhile, has been winning hearts ever since he eluded unjust capture last year.

Assange has also been an inspiration, in the face of American duplicity.

9 responses to “PRISM: Obama Broke Hearts And Promises

  1. Obama showed he represented no change anyone could believe in right at the beginning of his first term, when, flush with victory, armed with massive political capital, he broke his promise to back EFCA, the Employee Free Choice Act, which would have been the first significant pro-worker legislation to pass in the US in a couple decades had he not washed his hands of it.
    I knew he was a quisling then.

  2. Obama was never a progressive of any kind to begin with. Plenty of Chicago voices tried to make that point. They were drowned out by the spin machines or simply ignored. He’s the first black potus and that’s the only thing that distinguished him from Bush. Either one of them. The sham health care bullshit is meaningless.

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