ConCalls: Satire and Analysis Becomes Reality in #RoboCon

In early March 2012, I asked the same, putting the question to major political parties and Elections Canada.

“Why doesn’t Elections Canada just check the Conservative’s voter information database (CIMS) for who queried the phone numbers used for illegal robocalls? ”

Elections Canada can’t explain the indefensible stupidity in their “investigation”.

If the CPC was cooperating with the investigation, why did it take nearly three months for Hamilton to arrange an interview with Guelph campaign worker Andrew Prescott for lead investigator Al Mathews, and why did national campaign director Jenni Byrne advise Prescott not to talk to Mathews before she talked to a lawyer?

Recall last year when the media begged me to clarify that my satirical piece about Elections Canada giving up, was satire? It actually hit too close to home.

“After 34 months on the scent of corruption most foul, Elections Canada may soon be calling off the hounds.”

SATIRE: “Commissioner Yevs Cote told Postmedia’s Stephen McMaher, “It’s been really difficult for investigators to obtain evidence when the trail led to the United States, as we have no power there.””

REALITY: “[Pierre Poutine] created an email address for himself — When EC investigators tried to get account information for that address, Google claimed that it was an American company that operated under American law and did not have to comply with the court order.”

Another key question bound to incriminate people Elections Canada could find if it wants to:

Question Five: What was the purpose of Rougier’s call to Meier the day before the election?

One of the oddities of the burner phone used by ‘Pierre Poutine’ is that it only ever called two phone numbers — both of them belonging to RackNine. But there were six text messages from California and one live call from New York State lasting 21 seconds that were received by ‘Poutine’s’ burner phone.

The Conservatives, now poised to re-write the election act, were making jokes about election fraud in 2012. Also in that link with the Repugnant Pierre Poilievre, is the partial answer to this Globe and Mail story wondering when the Conservatives’ emails would reveal they knew of election fraud across Canada. At least 3 days prior to the general polls, Elections Canada had contacted the Conservatives, and Arthur Hamilton responded he was looking into the fraudulent phone calls.

3 responses to “ConCalls: Satire and Analysis Becomes Reality in #RoboCon

  1. Seems to me that all the government had to do was got to CCIS and demand that this direct threat to Canadian Democracy be identified. Isn’t that what we are paying that agency for?

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