We Need An Election

It’s time for a federal election. They want to change fundamental Canadian rights, and oppose laws in our Constitution that they didn’t get a mandate for in their crooked 2011 stable victory.

A not-so-radical proposal: If the government wants to make major changes to the Supreme Court, the Senate, and how people are elected to the Commons, why not let the people decide?

“Normally, electoral reform is done with wide, multipartisan consent, simply because our democratic rights are so basic. (They are often why wars are fought, for instance.) But there’s been no wide consultation — much less consent — for what the Conservatives are planning.
Political-science professors, domestic and international , have joined the protest.”

It’s been time for an election since 2012 when we learned the governing party benefited from election fraud in 247 ridings.


2 responses to “We Need An Election

  1. Harper permits no-one to decide anything. He is supreme dictator and will never give up his control.

    Harper has no right to be PM of this country. He should have been forced to resign long ago. Two Americans Wenzel and Parker directly participated in two Conservative campaigns. Front Porch Strategies are accused of the robo-calls that came out of the U.S.

    That Federal election stunk, right up to the Muir Space Station. Harper is one evil monster and he will use every dirty tactic in the book, to cheat this next election too.

  2. The only way this could realistically happen is if 12 Conservative MPs join the opposition in voting non-confidence. While I would love to see that happen, It seems no one is willing to stand up to Harper. The issue is nothing to do with him being right wing, in fact I am right wing myself, it is his abuse of democracy. At the very least he should resign as Tory leader since not all Tories are as sleazy as he is. The big problem I find with many from the Reform wing of the Tories (I am former PC, not Reformer) is they seem paranoid against anyone who doesn’t share their views and as thus justify their actions by the idea others are out to get them, which is pure nonsense. They cannot implement their policies because most Canadians don’t want them. Rather than trying to persuade the public on why their policies are beneficial (a lot of them aren’t, but every party has the right to try and make the case) their goal seems more about suppressing those who disagree with them.

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