Beyond The Book Lecture: John Gormley – #UofR 2014

Gormley at UofR

I’ve been to a lot of University of Regina lectures over the years. None by a right wing radio commentator, until tonight, and it didn’t turn out how I expected. I know there are people who reeeally don’t like John Gormley and his radio show. I used to listen to it frequently while I worked in a job that had me in a car most of the day, traveling the province’s east side. I’ve not really tuned in too much the past 6 years, while I work meters from where his talk was given Tuesday night. It’s not easy to get wrapped up in a talk radio show while at a front-desk job. I wouldn’t want to start talking to myself, at the radio, for the whole Library to hear.

John Gormley

Idle No More showed up and disrupted his lecture. After Campus Security showed up, the three noisy protesters relented and were escorted off campus (I was told later by an employee at the University). Others who supported the protest stayed behind to ask difficult questions of Gormley. He dodged the last one completely, refusing to opine why we need and should accept polluted rivers in our prosperous province.

I got a few interviews from opposing perspectives, after his talk. They’re at the end of the video (visible after YouTube processes it).

I really disapprove of Gormley’s conspiracy theories.

7 responses to “Beyond The Book Lecture: John Gormley – #UofR 2014

  1. Why do we need IdleNoMore to stir up focus on institutional and other racism? Here are some comments on Riderfans that are beyond ignorant, and well into racist trash.
    Clambake: “Combine a genetic predisposition to alcoholism, FAS and a system that basically just paid them to stay out of the way of the progress of the white man, I think it is unfair to just compare their plight to that of any other ethnic group.”
    RiderCanes: “That group lost ALL credibility when that loser Spence went on her fish broth hunger strike and somehow only got bigger.”
    Marco: “There’s a reason why Chief rhymes with Thief. Far too many rob from their reserves and we all know it, the people on the reserve know it. But instead they protest the government after being brainwashed by their filthy rich chief and council that it’s the government/white man’s fault. These thiefs need to pay the piper.”

    • What RiderCanes says is dumb. What Clambake and Marco say are dumb and racist. Which lines up with a lot of their other shit on RiderFans — you find some real crap posters like that if you stick around there for years like me. Look for the voices of moderation and reason — like Danno.

  2. Sadly, John Gormley does not even realize that what he refers to as `truth about the benefits of consumer economy“ is simply his own personal belief system that comes from a place of `WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE`. His position of privilege clearly colors his inability to relate to the “truth“ of underprivilege of non-white indigenous peoples, particularly women. And this is very clearly proven by the lack of political will to even hold an inquiry into the unknown numbers of missing and murdered Indigenous women, which is now believed to exceed at least 800, and rising. Realistically, if non-indigenous women and children were disappearing and even turning up murdered, I believe Mr. Gormley would be the first person to advocate for an immediate inquiry, including holding the RCMP and other police forces accountable for their inability to provide adequate protection to his own daughters and grandaughters, as well as those of his privileged neighbours. In solidarity & love – FOREVER Idle NO More!!!

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