ConCalls: Putting The Ass before the Court

Brad Butt is an ass. Look what other election fraudsters are working with him to reshape Canada’s Election law.

Borys Wrzesnewskyj, the former Liberal MP in Etobicoke Centre, successfully went to court to have the May 2, 2011, election results in the riding overturned due to ballot irregularities. Conservative Ted Opitz, who won the riding by 26 votes, has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The seniors’ home incident, which Wrzesnewskyj dropped from his case before it was heard, happened at the St. Demetrius Seniors Residence, a large apartment building in Etobicoke offering assisted living and long-term care.

Affidavits filed by three Elections Canada polling staffers at this poll, number 427, describe a Conservative named Roman who arrived at the poll in the morning and “suddenly started screaming and waving his arms wildly … He was raging in a bullying fashion, which caused confusion, and frightened many voters.”

Mr. Opitz broke the Election Act by exceeding a limit to the tune of thousands of dollars, and is not facing charges! This after he went to court to defend his seat narrowly won amidst voter intimidation and the Robocalls scandal, rather than resign and run again.


7 responses to “ConCalls: Putting The Ass before the Court

  1. Borys Wrzesnewskyj,the principled Canadian-Ukrainian MP when asked about his former boss Count Michael Ignatieff’s derogatory remarks,which included calling Ukrainians -little Russians and whining cossacks in embroidered shirts, about his countrymen responded by haughtily dismissing them and defending the Count on OMNI TV program “Svitohlad”.
    Ukrainians in Etobicoke Center, recognizing that personal ambition seemed to be more important to Borys than defending his ancestors from those who casually denigrate Ukrainian customs and history, voted him out of office.

    • So I guess Kinsella hasn’t sued you yet eh Boca.

      Pretty weak job at distracting even for you. Definitely not BBQ worthy

      • Winkie’s too busy playing urban Progressive hipster with Canada’s answer to Paris Hilton,his new VP.
        Borys W lost the election because he was too interested in his own political career than the concerns of his constituents.
        There were plenty of shenanigans perpetrated by his campaign.

      • Got any boca? Or are we going to have to google your plenty of fish forum comments?

        PS CC says hi

      • Still boot licking CC’s ego?
        Isn’t he the degenerate who told the mother of a slain Canadian soldier to “go and fuck her grief”

  2. No. Bocanut. Opitz won because he cheated shamelessly and a corrupted Supreme Court decided that election results shouldn’t be overturned just because there’s more ballots than documented voters.

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