The Blustery Winds of Stupidity Hit Weyburn Hard #skpoli

At least 2 Weyburn City Councillors were not duped by anti-Wind propaganda that afflicts many municipalities. There’s probably no bylaw against this family running a noisy, polluting diesel generator in their backyard, contributing to poor health of their neighbours. I’d have to reason that the neighbour(s) who complained about this windmill isn’t very bright.

The time frame given to Dustin and Vanessa Storle, owners of the turbine, was to have it removed by July 30. After this, there will be no more residential wind power in the windy city of Weyburn.

I hope they find a resident of a less backward Rural Municipality to install their turbine, and split the profits. It’ll probably work better unencumbered by surrounding buildings anyway, which can dampen the wind speed required for maximum output.

There’s probably some multi-century conspiracy from windmill owners to install these tornado generating devices all over the planet. I haven’t figured out the physics for how an energy receiving device is adding low frequency energy to air pressure, but maybe one of the crackpot geniuses in Weyburn can spell it out. They sure convinced the more gullible of their city council to fall for the hoax that wind power is unsuitable for homeowners.

Meanwhile, another municipality outside of Regina is on the verge of getting rich instead.

A public meeting will be held [Tuesday] east of Regina in McLean on a proposed wind farm in the area.

The RM of South Qu’Appelle is holding the meeting to determine if there is public support for the proposal.

So far, some landowners have expressed opposition to the project, citing concerns about vibration, impact on wildlife and livestock and other possible health problems.

The project would first require a test tower. The meeting starts at 7 pm Tuesday at the McLean Community Centre. The RM Council will decide whether to proceed with appropriate bylaws if there is sufficient support for the proposal.

The concern the oil and gas industry shows for “wildlife, livestock, and possible health problems” is world renowned. I can’t imagine how a greener alternative to oil, coal, and gas could possibly kill more.

There’s not much “debate“, because the anti-Wind folks don’t have facts to back up their conjecture.


6 responses to “The Blustery Winds of Stupidity Hit Weyburn Hard #skpoli

  1. You need to do more research yourself, I am in favour of green power but not all green power is safe, there is new technology for wind power not using the blades which are the problems with wind turbines. I can share with you the research just from the last 2 years if you wish, as well as the people in Ontario who are now, after accepting the wind turbines with open arms having difficulties.


      • Umm, I think you need to. You lefties live in a fantasy world convincing your selfs just because it’s “green: it doesn’t pose any hazards. Actually let me rephrase that, you people totally dismiss any negatives surrounding all things”green”.
        How can you call BS on the complaints his neighbours have??? I guess I answered my own question with the first comment didn’t I.

      • It’s not a left-right issue, it’s an informed vs. ignorant people issue. Uninformed people are scared of windmills instead of coal plants and diesel generators.

        Note that no opposing, credible, research has been presented. There will only be attacks insinuating that it’s a left-wing political conspiracy to install mind-altering devices in our good, down home, ignorant communities.

        Meanwhile sensible municipalities around Moosomin and Maple Creek are getting wind money.

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