#Tarsands Polluting Groundwater and Rivers

As scientists have demonstrated in the past, the strip mining and tailing ponds employed on a Mordorific scale in northern Alberta are polluting ground and river waters.

Sorry #tarsand shills, but turns out you’ve been lying all along when you’ve said that areas surrounding the tarsands are not being polluted. You may have to be honest with yourselves before you can be honest with others. If you can’t be honest with yourselves, it’s time to stop lying to others and bow out of the conversation.


5 responses to “#Tarsands Polluting Groundwater and Rivers

  1. If just one of those large, earthen walled tailing ponds fails, there will be no stopping it. Some suggest it could devastate the McKenzie River watershed, the 3rd-largest watershed on the planet. Now Harper wants to expand tar sands production three to five times. I wish this stuff would get into Calgary’s groundwater. Then it would matter.

  2. A world standing on a precipice. This was Feb 9/2014 On the mound of sound web page.

    It is a free-for-all at the oil sands. Norway had the gall to divert a river to their tar sands project. The Chinese are making a hell of a mess. They have no clue about preventing pollution and contaminating eco-systems. We have known the tar sands pollution, is being found in other Alberta waterways. It’s only a matter of time, when the tar sands pollution will drift all around Canada.

    The oil sands are an atrocity, on the face of Canada.

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