WikiLeaks: How the NSA Endangers a Free Society

Some NSA efforts to destroy Assange and intimidate people supporting Wikileaks have been revealed.

ANTICRISIS GIRL was a system to spy on Wikileaks searchers.

This other item is big news too, because Matt’s been an important journalist covering Wall St. crimes.
UPDATE: and Matt’s left First Look.

3 responses to “WikiLeaks: How the NSA Endangers a Free Society

  1. So I’m already flagged. Probably. Me and likely a quarter of the internet-using portion of the human race. At minimum. Under my real name, probably.

    The nerve of these people at these agencies.

    I wouldn’t count myself as a supporter. Never donated, after all. (The agencies involved likely already know that too.) “Interested bystander wanting to stay informed” would be more accurate. Not that it seems to matter at all here.

  2. As for Mr. Taibbi…it’s good to see him changing jobs on an upbeat note with both former and new employers. Hoping he recommended some good new talent to fill the Stone’s roster with in the process.

  3. I’m comfortable with the NSA under democrat presidents. Perhaps AI and bioweapon sensor networks can be helped by computer language industrial policy
    I think the major object oriented languages are useful here. Java and Visual Basic are useful for sensors to find WMDs; are already taught alot. Logical AI languages like Prolog are useful for curing diseases, but they might also be used to automate WMD-building. I don’t know if this is enough to punish Prolog, but certainly you’d want the sensor-friendly languages to be widely taught, a generation or two before the hardcore AI languages. Someone will need to look for WMDs. If not the NSA, than who? They have intimidated me from referencing a war that I cannot forget….Johnny. Johnny!! Johnnny!!!!!!!

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