Kickstarter hacked

I signed up for KickStarter and didn’t even end up using it. Because I was lazy/human, I used a password I’d used on some other websites when creating my account there.

Kickstart hacked, personal info obtained.

So now I’ve had to go to a bunch of other websites and change the password I used on KickStarter to something else, in case the account thieves manage to brute-force solve the encrypted passwords they got from KickStarter.

Was I smart and used a unique password for each of the sites potentially affected? I’m human.


3 responses to “Kickstarter hacked

  1. Yikes. One solution someone suggested to me (though I’ve never done it myself) is to take your one-and-only password and (say) add to its end the first letter or two of the sight you’re visiting. So Tbone42 as a password becomes Tbone42ya at but TBone42wo at This makes it easy enough to remember your password, but is easy to remember what to use where.

  2. Interesting suggestion passwerby…Me, because I’m human like John, I just keep adding stuff to my ‘go to’ pword whenever I get those innumerable prompts to update it at myriad sites…Even remembering all the various versions of the ‘go to’ has become extremely trying.


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