ConCalls: Fair Election Fraud Act #elxnfraud #cdnpoli

Conservative media pundits are happy to be able to say “fair” and “election” in the same sentence as “Conservative”, because saying “fraud” was getting old even 2 years ago.

1. Conservatives did not consult Elections Canada.
[The Conservatives avoid and work against Elections Canada, said the Federal Court.]
2. Elections Canada wanted investigative powers: request denied and then some.
3. The bill “closes loopholes to big money”… by raising donation and spending limits?

4. Make it harder for youth and poor people to vote.
5. Rush the debate on complex legislation.

Why isn’t this Orwellian Fair Elections Act part of the upcoming undemocratic budget omnibus bill?

In all seriousness, if I thought more people were concerned and not scared of opposing this government to retake fair elections, I’d be organizing a protest for Regina to publicly demonstrate.


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