Laptop Repair Time

I spent Saturday opening up an Acer Travelmate 7730 and got the logicboard out to confirm the power jack is pushed in. The pin at the back is clearly curved and it probably should be straight down. Without removing the heatsink, it appears not possible to clamp it back into a more appropriate position so the centre pin provides power from the adapter plugging in.

Sunday, I fixed/worked-around a G60 HP wireless problem where the orange light stays on, but either/both removing the power/battery and holding the power button for a minute. I didn’t put the battery back in, and now it goes to a blue light. I bet if I reinstall the battery, the WiFi will quit again.
This G60 also has a broken power jack, so if the adapter isn’t at just the right angle, the laptop won’t power. The battery light flashes, which could mean a dead battery, or be a factor of the jack being slightly broken.


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