Harper Overseas

Harper took some good buddies along on our dime.

Sinopec, a Chinese state oil company that works in the Alberta tarsands, trades with Iran.

Perhaps Israel is a theocracy? How else could criticizing a state amount to being against people of a particular religion, unless that state is the official representative of the religion?

Is “fire and water” code for “we’ll be with you even after your water is destroyed by hydraulic fracturing”?

3 responses to “Harper Overseas

  1. Criticism of Israel’s mere existence would indeed be an act of bigotry. One that is committed by far too many.

    Criticism of the behaviour of Israel’s government, on the other hand – as with the behaviour of the governments of all other nations, including our own – is always fair game.

  2. “We have witnessed, in recent years, the mutation of the old disease of anti-Semitism and the emergence of a new strain,” Harper said.

    He said criticism of Israeli government policy isn’t anti-Semitic, but criticism which only targets Israel while ignoring violence and oppression in its neighbours is unacceptable.
    CTV News

    As Bytowner pointed out, anti-Semitism is committed by far too many.

    • This morning Harper was whining about being asked to “single out Israel” for criticism whether in Palestine, Israel, or at home in Canada.

      If he favours “2 states”, but responds to questions as if Palestine and Israel are 1 state, isn’t he acting in a contradictory manner?

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