Part 2 #OilConVoid – PMO: Wallin’s Missing Calendar Found

Check out Part 1 of this blog series explaining when Conservatives have corrupted Canada for oil companies.

Suspended Senator Pamela Wallin should soon be in more hot water, along with the corrupt Conservative Party for which she was apparently fundraising for while traveling on the taxpayer’s dime.

She’s under investigation for fraud and breach of trust.

The November document noted Deloitte had looked at three versions of Wallin’s electronic Microsoft Outlook calendar from January 2009 to September 2012 and observed more than 500 changes.

Wallin had told Deloitte she added some items to her calendar and deleted others in May 2013 to help with the investigation. When pressed as to why, she said she wanted to make the investigation as streamlined as possible and so she had taken out some non-Senate related events and added other events relevant to her role as a senator. Wallin said this was done on the advice of Sen. David Tkachuk, former chair of the Senate’s internal economy committee, but he has denied this.

She was spending over $400/day of our money to travel, with the apparent intention of enriching the Conservative Party of Canada. That’s what’s behind the Duffy scandal too, he was employed by Canadians, appointed by Stephen Harper, to enrich the Conservatives.


6 responses to “Part 2 #OilConVoid – PMO: Wallin’s Missing Calendar Found

  1. That is of no surprise to most. Canada has become rotten to the core with corruption especially since, Harper’s so called majority. What do people expect from, the likes of Harper? Harper is the one and only Canadian PM,ever, to be held in contempt of Parliament.

    Harper isn’t even a Conservative, he even lied about that. Corporations have likely promised Harper, he would be a big shot on the International scene.

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  4. I’m told that the reason Duffy couldn’t establish PEI residence was that the CPC/PMO used him as a campaign/fundraising mule, constantly on the road. It was his faithful and constant service to Harper that left him indignant over the consequences of having to return his housing claims. That, as I understand it, is why Nigel Wright got out his chequebook. Stewart-OIsen did the same thing as Duffy when Harper turfed her into the Senate only she didn’t have to put in appearances around the country like the Cavendish Cottager did.

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