Future Proof: Ice Storms

Last year Shane vlogged about ice storms. Let’s not wait until a big storm hits Saskatchewan before we future proof our homes being built today.

You can check out Shane’s website, and buy his book.

If I had $20,000 to spend on a “depreciating liability” (a car), or $20,000 to spend on renewable energy for my home, which would be more useful during an ice storm or other time of emergency? Arguably a car could be useful to remove myself from the place of emergency, but if there’s no enough gas, or electricity to pump the gas, or if the roads are jammed, a warm home would be much more useful.

Energy prices are only going to go up, so investing in energy systems today is an excellent choice. A company local to Regina that could help is Sound Solar, but there are others with good reputations also.

3 responses to “Future Proof: Ice Storms

  1. I guess if there’s not a good supply of cheap, local firewood the solar option would make sense. Forestry companies out here deal with jobbers who collect the commercially unusable wood that would usually be burned on the mountainside to make way for reforestation. They buck it and chop it and then sell it to people like me. It was going to be burned anyway and it is part of the surface carbon cycle so it’s a good alternative to fossil fuel heating. That said, cold weather has eluded us so far this year on the coast. That’s not a good thing, either.

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