F-35: Lies from Lying Liars #cdnpoli

The F-35 was going to be a plane made with Chinese parts, despite US law forbidding that.

One response to “F-35: Lies from Lying Liars #cdnpoli

  1. I like the A-10s because they are cheap, they can take damage from a ground terminator, and they are easier to maintain in a pandemic or power grid failure situation. I like the F-111s because they have the largest payload. Which means whatever future weapon platform is developed, it can be delivered. The main problem with the F-35s is that stealth is a dynamic technology so isn’t amicable to Henry Ford’s mass production attempt to lower costs. And typically you want to minimize the number of battlefield encounters to limit counter-measure development. If everyone has them…
    I like the idea of tagging or sealing with a tamper-proof cover, all potential future WMDs. In the 1990s it was pointed out X-ray sensors are expensive. But if you scan a metal container once, you can subsequently monitor it with a camera or something cheap. In this regard, you can sensor all potential WMD R+D and engineering. Using Mind’s Eye prevents humans from having control over minuet details, assuming you have a good 3C system. The problem with the USA is neocons control a good chunk of their presidency. Elections are bought there chiefly with media dollars. Their House is elected with gerrymandering, their Senate is rural (dumb). I’m working on effective WMD sensor network administration systems. It is easier to deploy ASAP assuming you have good administration, as it is easier to look for humans doing R+D, not software and (tiny?) robots. Dual use R+D will be slowed. Robotics and AI might plateau not too much higher than what is needed to develop Mind’s Eye. This suggests sensors and good dual use administration should be the recepients of Defense dollars. For example, you want an effective Health Canada even though you don’t want bioterror. It is necessary to have respect for the function of gvmt here…

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