ConCalls: No One Came #RoboCon

Are we lacking a critical mass of Canadians sufficiently outraged by widespread election fraud in the last general election to protest for government and system change, because Canadian youth never trusted the election to work in the first place?


14 responses to “ConCalls: No One Came #RoboCon

  1. Entirely possible. It’s been an issue for a longish while, although they could probably use a joint tour of cross-country visits from Elizabeth May and Rick Mercer as part of the therapy program to turn this around.

  2. “a joint tour of cross-country visits from Elizabeth May and Rick Mercer”
    Now there is something I would like to see, sure would wake a few folks up and make them take notice!

  3. Did anyone actually record any of the calls. If you had it actually recorded as well as date and time it would be much easier to nail whomever behind this. As for youth being disengaged on democracy, I would argue many are just uninterested. You try to have a conversation on anything that involves thought and many tune out. If anything dumbing down our society is what I blame a lot for. People care more about who won last night’s hockey game, the latest movie, or some celebrity gossip. Anything that requires critical thought they don’t want to hear about.

  4. I’m more concerned about supposedly large numbers of voters who are not intelligent enough to figure out where their polling station really is, who will listen to an unknown voice on the phone and follow those directions, and who are too stupid to mitigate misinformation IF/WHEN they got to the wrong place and found out they were on a wild goose chase. If enough voters fell into that category…..enough to influence the outcome of the election….then THAT is what would be more concerning to me. I think people who continue to stir this pot, don’t give most Canadian enough credit for common sense to figure out where to vote, no matter some unseen, uncharged entity tries to disenfranchise them.

    • When a caller identifies themselves as calling from elections Canada, why would you not believe them (years ago, that is)? Why would I expect someone to trick me out of my vote? Oh, NOW I would. Now that we know how low the conservatives will go. But in the last election, yes, I got a call, and believed it was from elections Canada.

    • The difference is in the small percentages fooled, which is why a criminal plot like this can work. I’m note concerned about the useful idiots for the Conservatives trolling the net, pretending election fraud is no big deal if they have no sympathy for victims of crime.

      • Once again (and despite your dozens of posts shrieking about ” the BIGGEST ELECTION FRAUD in CANADIAN HISTORY!!!”), nobody cares. No vote outcomes were changed, and I have only seen reference to *one guy* coming forward to claim that he was fooled into not voting (and no one believed him). I repeat: ONE guy. Out of all those “thousands” of calls made. In fact, Elections Canada was quick to inform us right when this first came to light that “no election outcomes were changed”…but of course you don’t believe that, do you John?

        No, not you. You continue to insist that the election was won by fraud, and that the Conservatives are not a legitimate government because of it (gee, who *did* win, then? The NDP? The Green Party?…;). You’ve gone on record here calling for the election to be declared invalid, and for a new election to be held, right?

        Is it any wonder that only your fellow left-wing loons come here to post, and most other people just read a bit, laugh at you, and move on?

        Grow up.

      • Once again you miss the point Fred. Cheaters don’t win, their ‘win’ isn’t legitimate.

        “Is it any wonder that only your fellow left-wing loons come here to post,”

        Explains why you’re a top commenter; you are a loon?

      • Imbecile from BC, … the important question is who stoops low enough to engage in criminal acts to steal elections?

        So far, it looks like the Conservative Party of Canada. They don’t seem too interested in clearing their name by clearing the air. They do seem interested in avoiding any sort of investigation into the crime.

        You, imbecile from BC, appear not to care that our electoral process can be so abused. Putting you in the same category of human garbage as stephen harper.

  5. Fred, please, back away from the computer and let the grownups talk, please.

    The issue is a government that would attempt to cheat to get an election, not whether it worked as intended. The action of false identification as elections canada, I would think is fraudulent, which is a criminal act, much like robbing a bank. We tend to prosecute the bank robber, even if he steals no money, so why should criminal acts by the government not be held in the same regard just because they may not have had the intended result?

    Intelligent and those capable of thinking people tend to judge others on actions, so when a party cheats in this manner, we can expect continued dishonesty from them once they assume the reins of leadership. We have over the last 2 election cycles seen continued policy changes based not on a evidentiary process, but on a ideology basis. Much like many other places that have reversed the march of democracy, any agency that could hamper their ideological belief, has been marginalized, defunded, trashed, or removed, including census, governmental agencies, research areas, and libraries . In place of the honest transparent government Harper promised, we have the most dishonest, unaccountable, secretive governments Canada has ever had. As well as the most economically inept.

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