PMO: Anger Betrayal Deception; Oil

Our lying Prime Minister felt betrayed and angry, and … deceived?

The scheme only became public after a CTV news report on the evening of May 14.

The next morning, said Harper, he met with Wright, the successful Toronto financier he had brought to Ottawa in 2010 to be his right-hand man.

“He told me what he had done,” said Harper.

“I think, to be frank, my first series of reactions were probably in the realm of more stunned and disbelief.

“I, for the life of me, still can’t figure out – I don’t think anybody can figure out – why, for whatever reason, somebody would take this money of his own and give it to somebody who we all believed didn’t deserve it.”

Harper said he felt a range of emotions.

“A sense of anger, betrayal, disappointment, deception. You can name it. Those emotions were there too.

“But look, I always say I don’t want to sit here and kind of indulge my emotional experience over the issue. It’s been a very emotional experience. My job as a leader is not to indulge my own emotions. It’s to try and deal with situations.”

The image associated with this story on Facebook, was a person walking beside a dirty pipeline. No doubt full of B.S.


Speaking of pipelines, the Harper panel has approved an oil pipeline of doom through B.C.

“This is a report that almost physically shrugs in your hands as you read it.”

As Chris Turner explains for DeSmogBlog, the report is written so that it simultaneously claims the pipeline is not to expand the Alberta Tarsands, while it will greatly later improve the economy there, years down the road. They want the pipe to be viewed through an environmental and localized lens when convenient, and a oilfield stimulus package when otherwise convenient. Pretty slick, eh?

Aside from the inevitable blockades so the BC RCMP can arrest more First Nations standing up for the health of their communities, what does Canada foresee when going down this oily road?

209 conditions? Anyone who buys something with that many conditions, is a fool.
“the money and jobs that would flow throw it”
They found a way to liquify jobs I guess?


5 responses to “PMO: Anger Betrayal Deception; Oil

  1. Has Harper’s story on the Duffy/Wright affair not changed practically daily? I thought the story at the time was how honourable and principled a thing Wright had done to help poor Duffy out.

    As for the pipeline. I cannot understand how the BC proponents think this is a good idea. China owns a good sized portion of the bitumen mines. The bitumen will be going to China to be refined. The Harper government ammended the Foreign workers act to make it easier to bring (sometimes desperate) people (who won’t know our labour laws or have access to unions) here and exploit them. Already one mine in BC has an almost all Chinese workforce, and in September an employer in Fort MacMurray laid off an entire shift of 300 workers to replace with temporary foreign workers. This does not add up positively for Canadians.

  2. Harper’s main goal is, to knock Canadian wages way, way down. Corporations are, bottomless pits of greed. Harper caters to big business and is, against the everyday Canadian citizens. Harper and his bottomless pits of greed, couldn’t care less? Canada has the highest cost of living, in all of the America’s

    Harper knows he is despised. He has signed a deal with, the Red China Communist Army.
    Aug 27/2013

    Harper mulls massive Chinese project, in our High Arctic.

    Harper also needs to force the Enbridge pipeline through.

    Ever wonder why, Harper needs no Canadian military, in the High North? Harper needs no Canadian military anywhere, what-so-ever.

  3. Ironic, the Left has the power to govern Canada for a century yet refuse to merge to accomplish just that. Hard to take the Left seriously when you guys worry more about who gets to live in Stornaway then pipelines or global warming/cooling.

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