Rob Ford is Not a Nice Man #TOpoli

If you defended Rob Ford during his election campaign in 2010, I would have simply said you made a mistake. His angry outbursts against the media, and his ridiculous comments about bike lanes placed him firmly in my political opponents category then. Plus he had a history of drunk driving by that point in his life.

It’s now 3 years later, and he’s admitted to smoking crack and being an angry, drunk driving, alcoholic. If you’re still defending the man as recently as this past Summer, or last month, you’re making a big mistake.

Today, you have even more egg on your face, if you hold more than a shred of human sympathy for this dangerous, oafish, thug.


2 responses to “Rob Ford is Not a Nice Man #TOpoli

  1. Yeah . . . and there are plenty of other reasons to be against him and dislike him, such as his willingness (after claiming any spending cuts would cut no services, just the notorious “gravy”) to eliminate public library branches, appearing not to even give a damn about it.

    On the other hand, from a slightly longer National Pest article on this, it looks to me like the killing may have been about getting hold of the video for the high price it commanded at the time (Gawker and all), rather than ordered by a Ford. Although it’s unclear and there is some mention of possible involvement of that driver guy.

  2. I did vote for Rob Ford but with great reservations and I sure as hell won’t be voting for him this fall. I was tired of David Miller’s high spending as well as always caving into the unions. I originally wanted to vote for Rocco Rossi who is a fiscal conservative, but not a buffoon like Rob Ford unfortunately he dropped out. My hope naively was a reasoned council would keep him check. However, I think he needs to go and there is no way I will vote for him now. Any private company would have fired someone a long time ago for this behavior so if he won’t resign he needs to removed. Also if his family and friends truly care about him they would tell him that he needs to get help for his addictions.

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