Canadian Uranium Subsidies to Kazakhstan

Here’s an important story for Canadians, and Saskatchewanians in particular, which doesn’t have to do with the Riders or the Senate scandal.

The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) wants to know why the Wall Government is still subsidizing Cameco. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recently reported that Cameco owes $850-million in back taxes. And just recently Canada and Kazakhstan signed an agreement to jointly invest $200-million to develop a uranium conversion facility capable of feeding 40 nuclear reactors in Kazakhstan.

If uranium is profitable, then Kazakhstan should be able to build a uranium conversion facility without Canadian tax dollars. Why are the hard earned dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayers being used to build an expensive uranium conversion facility in Kazakhstan? This is not right. Saskatchewan people do not pay taxes so that our governments can squander that money in risky foreign ventures. Cameco’s back taxes should remind all Saskatchewan people that the uranium industry would not exist without government subsidies. If we cut uranium subsidies, this industry will die a natural death. The Wall Government should sell its shares in Cameco and urge the federal government to stop using our tax dollars for risky foreign ventures.

Victor Lau, Leader of the GPS
Regina, Saskatchewan


One response to “Canadian Uranium Subsidies to Kazakhstan

  1. These subsidies could be enacted in a way that is SRI. A major purpose of defense is to enact a better world. DCNS is a French naval contractor. They want to build our ships. They also have a tidal power arm that is expected to gross $1.4B/yr in sales in the 2020s. I believe we should link our procurement with the accelerated build of NB tidal assets, or with Cdn ownership of a part of the company’s Tidal power arm. This would be good for the USA eastern seaboard and thus would prevent their assets from having to focus upon domestic AGW incidents. Now, the NYSE is shutting down for a storm and AGW has barely begun…a Cdn Navy that invests in renewable power will need less funding as there will be a safer world of the future. The USA’s Cold War strategy was to increase petro ownership and accelerate the AGW they didn’t even know existed; is still to be undone.

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