ConCalls: Witnesses to #RoboCon Scrutinized

Andrew Prescott got instructions from Jenni Byrne to avoid Elections Canada until she could consult a lawyer. Prescott’s work on the Guelph Conservative campaign in 2011 earned him notoriety for having a computer used also by Pierre Poutine. Some would conclude he’s at the very least met Poutine, but has managed to dodge being compelled to testify in court as to that. Poutine at the very least managed to pick the same robocall company Prescott used to make legitimate robocalls for the Conservative CPC campaign.

A list of some of the witnesses, one or two proved liars by Sona’s travel documents.

There’s not been this much chatter on blogs about the robocalls election fraud scandal in quite a few months. If the Conservatives are worried there’s too much scrutiny, we could be distracted by the allegations by Mike Duffy that he was blackmailed by the Prime Minister, again?


One response to “ConCalls: Witnesses to #RoboCon Scrutinized

  1. As if Sona did the robo-call fraud on his own? Not on your Nelly. Harper’s robo-call fraud was, very sophisticated and a very complicated scam.

    Justice delayed, justice denied. Chief Electoral Officers say, Tories behind delays in robo-call investigation.
    May 28/2013

    The robo-call ruling? Have we hit bottom yet?
    May 24/2013

    If Sona is all innocence why is the robo-call investigation, being stonewalled and blocked by Harper?

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