Rob Ford Does The Expected

If there’s an incriminating video out there, naturally you’d hire a criminal cracker to destroy every copy.


Then spend months denying there’s a video. When the police confirm they have recovered the video of the drug abuse, admit to drug use, but a legal drug.
Then admit to using the other drug, but not at the time the infamous video was shot.

Rob Ford is moving to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to open the next Insite clinic for “harm reduction”. This leaves PM Harper fuming.

What he actually said during his apology press conference was:
“I feel like a 1000lbs have been lifted off my shoulders.”
“I would do anything, absolutely anything, to change the past.” Even do crack?

“I want to be clear, I want to be crystal clear…” Crystal meth clear. Clear, but not how Harper is ‘perfectly clear’. So scripted, yet so heartfelt at the same time. Odd.

Global News commentator was saying Ford’s advisers should tell him to step aside to treat his alleged larger addiction problem, because “voters love a comeback story”. Voters would love a Mayor who isn’t a crackhead drug abuser with dangerous mood swings, poor self control, and thoughtless policies that make their city less prepared for the present and future. If they equate those needs with Ford again, they’ll get the wreck of a man they collectively deserve.

Many are predicting Ford’s re-election next year. I predict he’ll become too infirm from natural causes to serve, or end up in jail as most serious drug abusers seem to do in Harper’s “tough on crime” Canada.


2 responses to “Rob Ford Does The Expected

  1. Ford gave a heartfelt apology, but without any action to assure us he is taking the steps necessary to deal with his addiction. To alcoholism. He’s an alcoholic. The crack is incidental. And then he started to campaign with his apology speech. This is the apology we needed to hear months ago. Not after months of denial. And we still need to know what he truly going to do about this mess. He’s dragged Toronto though the mud with his smear attacks all to avoid admitting his problem. This isn’t good enough.

    And Doug knew. C’mon!

    Believe me. These guys will start up again. Doug will smear, and Rob will drink. Betcha he ties one on tonight when he gets home. “God, what a day! I need a drink! I’ll start doing better tomorrow…”

  2. Canada has become a, cesspool of corruption especially since, Harper’s so called election win. Ford is a very good friend of Harper’s. Ford also refuses to resign, just as Harper is doing. Seems Ford is getting advice from someone?

    Same thing going on in BC. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper. Christy Clark prorogued Legislature the same time, Harper prorogued Parliament.

    Just when you think our Crime Minister couldn’t go any lower? He does

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