Conservatives Win Friends and Improve Policy…

…Or that might be what the usually compliant and forgiving media would say if they hadn’t been pissed off about being locked out of policy meetings at the Conservative Convention last weekend in Calgary.

the weird, unsettling vibe that hung over the whole event. (We’ve grown used to seeing prime ministers sealed inside an impenetrable bubble, but a whole party?) That reporters were constrained from doing their jobs is perhaps a side issue. But that a democratic political party, at its national convention, would go to such lengths to hide from public view is just a bit creepy.

Election Stockholm Syndrome is alive and well in Canada, especially in Toronto.

The National Post asked me if I “wanted a license” when I highlighted that passage to share with you so that you might click a link to their paper. I enjoy so very much jumping through hoops like that. Thank you National Post for making blogging harder. I’ll be sure not to quickly send readers your way for more details.


In more important news, the RCMP are poking around the Prime Minister’s Office [doorstep] to look for evidence of his crimes.


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