Duffy vs. PMO: The Duffy Documents

Postmedia reports
“Sen. Mike Duffy told a spellbound upper chamber Monday that the prime minister’s former chief of staff, who paid him $90,000 to cover his housing expenses, had also arranged a second cheque to pay his legal bills.” And:

A court document filed by RCMP Cpl. Greg Horton says that Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that the March 26 payment from Wright to Duffy was a CIBC bank draft sent to Duffy’s lawyer, Janice Payne.

The source says that the transfer was handled by Cassels Brock, where Hamilton works.

Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that the party had earlier agreed to pay Duffy’s expense bill when it was believed to be $32,000. When the party learned that the amount required was $90,000, the party balked at paying, and Wright agreed to pay it “believing it was the proper ethical decision that taxpayers not be out $90,000.”

CTV, citing Conservative sources, has reported that the late Sen. Doug Finley had opposed using party funds to make the payment to Duffy

After Duffy’s speech in the Senate today, Akin uploaded the “Duffy Documents“.

Canada’s “Pentagon Papers”? Ready to take a Prime Minister down?

Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that lawyer Benjamin Perrin had knowledge of the arrangement.

Perrin had earlier disputed a CTV report that he was involved.

“I was not consulted on, and did not participate in, Nigel Wright’s decision to write a personal cheque to reimburse Senator Duffy’s expenses,” Perrin said in a May statement. “I have never communicated with the Prime Minister on this matter.”

In this video, that Brazman tweeted, Akin looks genuinely annoyed at the Prime Minister for avoiding questioning.


One response to “Duffy vs. PMO: The Duffy Documents

  1. I see value in this now. 3rd world girls learn to read by being attracted to romance novels. This gets ratings. Electing media into the Senate should not be done by future PMs. The media have a responsibility to publicly educate adults and are in a conflict of interest if they serve gvmt. Right now my fave Prez candidate is Bloomberg, but the same would apply.
    The throne speech advertises Canada’s elite R+D publicly subsidized. I guess this is a reference to the $120M annual industrial subsidy, perhaps being doubled. This isn’t much; most Stimulus budget bolstered R+D, especially green R+D. THE Layton budget had maybe $16B yr carbon cap going entirely to green R+D. Was 100x more R+D than the Throne advertses andGreens were probably about the same. Is annoying to hear the Throne Speaker error and claim Harper was in surplu before the recession. Nope, the year before we went into deficit to pay for added cash researves for companies that are still sitting there. This wouldn’t be bad if Oil and finance had ideas. Liberals had universal daycare. They treated winning the PR war as more important than learning the reality that profits to oil and banks are a bad industrial policy when they already have had lots of profits this century and hold cash. Manitoba wouldn’t be cuttinig university enrollment or ignoring the Floodway concept, with AB’s riches. SK is leaning west. The Cold War capped WMDs for a while. Now we need ideas and corporatism in this country won’t generate them. Dumb USA CBS/NBC/ABC execs in the 1930s ensured Amercians are still brainwashed in their radio waves. This is what not making media, politicians, is meant to avoid.

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