Where Canada Is Going

It’s very important to Canada’s economy that we send a resource (we can’t use without killing the planet) to Communist China so their economy can continue to pollute at record pace as they ship unneeded goods to the United States and Canada so we can bury them in our landfills when we aren’t burning them to create electricity to power our other throw-away devices.


Rogue PM

Rogue PM

I’ve predicted for a year or so that the power brokers in Ottawa will soon sense that Harper isn’t their meal ticket any longer and jump bandwagons to Trudeau because they are not loyal to the toxic CPC brand, they are loyal only to power and those who hold it for the immediate future.

This includes many in the Main Stream Media too, by the way. Watch for increasing reluctance to handle Harper with kid gloves, and a fawning honeymoon for Trudeau that lasts well past the next election. The good news is Sun News won’t be able to convince its viewers that it is now loyal to the Liberals when that power shift comes, so it will take a bigger nose-dive than Harper as his head hid in the sand this past week.

Hat tips to Mark H. and Nadine L. for the image idea.


6 responses to “Where Canada Is Going

  1. Justin supports tar sands oil exports via pipelines, tankers, etc. How is his vision an improvement, except that we can smoke weed while we descend into an eco apocalypse?

  2. Harper has never understood, in order to solve the world’s problems, you need to learn. This negects your career and family. Things like legalization and a GAI are an incentive to learn that isn’t time consuming. A GAI as foreign aid will be a good carrot for nations that act to solve the world’s problems. Blaring hate over loud speakers and inciting hate in textbooks, or hateful USA radio programmes; you’ll wish you didn’t fight legalization and GAI. I need a cell phone myself. I might get a few thousand dollars for non bed buggy rent, or a few hundred for bus tix, but all I really need is $90 cash, paid for by bankers and oil execs. I met a guy who will probably lose his class 1 license and might get tix or rent.
    The end of the whole socredit movement, was to lobby to keep Albertans too dumb to contribute, and to lower corporate tax rates for the purpose of holding cash (a few magnet rotations in a hard drive. AB had 9% of population and 0.5% of PhDs, 2001 Census. I think rich people are finally realizing, yet more money doesn’t buy them better friends, a better house, more time, a better wife…
    The Golden Boy had wheat: a hard days work and fair pay in Roman times. Communists and the oil patch are no different. China needs AB to earn PhDs, not export tar.

    • http://www.cags.ca/documents/publications/working/doctoral_education_canada_1900-2005.pdf
      The PhD stat is on pg 11. Pg 14 is interesting. It suggests education and public administration are the two employment sectors where you get a multi-disciplinary mix of employees coming together. I like this. In SK, there is the one piece of materials science infrastructure in this land, where I don’t have to be rich, nor to I have to waste time taking university courses selected by someone stupider and less moral than myself: merit based beamtime. Harper abandoned merit based stimulus spending to favour a Jewish nursing home: do this enough and people fill their elementary school textbooks with textbooks with hate.

      • …Between 2002-2012, Canada’s corporate cash reserves increased from $277B to $554B. A lot of the future is externalities. You can get finance execs addressing this with a FTT prototype for the world, or with more SRI, and you can get oil companies like Total SA who invests in utility grid battery R+D, but typically you get the opposite.
        This can be solved by including in corporate Board CVs, closest friends (named by industry or degree) and adult study interests such as charity sector, books read by field, and news station watched (Bloomberg and CBC/BBC the best).
        I figure given good gvmt, you want WMD-R+D sensors before AI and bioterror. NASA’s Smart Dust and any microsatellite with shorter wave RADAR or LIDAR are most useful for a better world. This involves raising the corporate tax rate 0.02% and giving $30M to a cdn University lab. A FTT and carbon/resource/fuel tax would get money away from badly educated adults. Forcing mergers else a higher finance and petro tax rate would help.

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