Police Violence Against #IdleNoMore

Watch how the media portrays the standoff between First Nations protesters, and the RCMP in New Brunswick. They talk about the “violent protest”. Was the protest violent until the RCMP showed up with snipers, dogs, and a phalanx of officers? Who is the real instigator of violence? Could the outbreak of it be traced back to a fracking gas company that wants to risk the water supply of the people living there?

The media can spin their little yarn to tell us it’s all about unsophisticated and violent Natives, but you don’t have to buy into their fairy tale. We know they won’t ask deeper questions that get to the heart of the cause of burning police cars. It wouldn’t occur to them for the RCMP to destroy property to cast their adversaries in a negative light. Did that happen in this case? Some people are saying so, and there’s a documented history of Canadian police doing it.

Really, why don’t First Nations in New Brunswick want their water supply put at risk, so outsiders can get fabulously wealthy off the resource under their ground?

5 responses to “Police Violence Against #IdleNoMore

  1. And once the water has been poisoned it’s too late. Business profit does NOT trump all other concerns. Business promises are warranties you can never use. For a few years there might be shipments of plastic bottled water, but the poisoned water would have been clean forever if the profit hadn’t been sucked out of it by foreign interests.

    • Canada has become a, cesspool of corruption especially since, Harper’s so called majority.

      Harper has done this by his disgusting greed. Poisoning provinces eco-systems is Harper’s mantra. People are dumb enough to think, they can drink oil and eat their money. This very same thing is, going to happen in BC. Harper will likely have to, bring over his entire Communist China Army, to get the Enbridge pipeline into BC. Pipeline bursts have even destroyed Alberta farmland and the water for their stock. Citizens of BC are firmly supporting the F.N. in their battle of the atrocity of the Enbridge pipeline. Harper, Redford, BC Liberals and Communist China are despised by BC

      Communist China has polluted much of their farmland and 40% of their water. Now, Harper is giving Communist China our Canadian farms too.

      The huge Athabasca watershed is contaminated. Other lakes and waterways in Alberta are also showing contamination from the tar sands. Good gawd. Canada is so rabid with greed, this is revolting.

      It is as they say? Man is the most destructive animal on this earth and, the most stupid ones at that.

  2. The Police have been caught more than a few times, trying to cause trouble at peaceful protests. It’s not the first time, old Police cruisers have been set afire either. At one protest, there were two cops with their faces covered. They were asked to remove their face coverings. They point blank refused. When they were accused of being cops, they ran away.

    Harper as a Dictator and his henchman Oliver decided, Canadians objecting to the dirty tar sands were, eco-terrorists. They have set up anti-terrorist squads, made up of the RCMP. This is no different than the G-20 Summit. Harper has Canada as, a Police State.

    Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Harper had hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning.

    Stephen Harper linked with Nazi-intellectuals and Christian Fundamentalists.
    Feb 14/2012

    People should be more careful of, what they wish for.

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