#GatewayPoems Make Light(crude) of Tragedy

If you want the #KXL,
you may as well burn in hell,
because it’s bringing hell to earth.
When you’ve lost you learn its worth.

Don’t be irate.
The ground will lactate-
oil, as Mother Earth births new #climate, new organisms.
#Evolution, baby.

3 responses to “#GatewayPoems Make Light(crude) of Tragedy

  1. At least they aren’t Haikus and you can express a point.
    Not much in the Speech of interest to me. My main motivation is weed, but I’m patient in my middle age. I can’t get the Colbert Report in Canada now that BCE and their Suncor Board member dropped the show; I don’t care about cable companies when they won’t accept cash deposits in lieu of whatever Orwellian social lifestyle they want me to conform to to subscribe. I like some R+D and Saskatoon’s Synchrotron, but the CPC is committed to R+D-less finance and petro profits. I like building plastics, perhaps recyclable thermoplastics, product libraries, instead of burning petro for fuel. In my wallet I have a June 24 Macleans story about fake plastic trees that turn CO2 into a baking soda-like carbon sequester. I guess EU and USA throne speeches for this and my favoured peat pore water wood chip sequester. I remember when Canada was a world leader of all types of ideas. A contingency fund for Cgy’s inability to imagine a floodway? Wpg just proactively taxed and built a floodway expansion and won’t be charging Canada for futurecleanups.

  2. …for airlines, I was sizing up whether the Bruins were Cup bound instead of boarding a plane early, and the plane left ten minutes early and they charged me $150 to board the next one in and hr; was the most important hours of my life to date. Airlines benefit from a lack of carbon taxes and a 1950s strategy to encourage globalization and fight tyrants and Soviets by making airline fuel taxes illegal. These same military minds identified pandemics as a threat too a decade later and don’t get taxing jet fuel stops AGW and pandemics; biz travellers will invest in hologram meetings instead. Now the world knows what happens when you put small towners in charge of a leading nation.

  3. …and I still like Bothwell cheese. Milk in Nova Scotia was way too expensive; like EU milk free trade. One of my happiest memories is waking up early as a four yr old and loading up bananas and strawberries in cereal. I wouldn’t have had that in Atlantic Canada.

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