Rogers Is So Bad…

It ruins credit scores for people who aren’t even their customers!

Bell isn’t much better. They sought unowed money from my parents, after my parents regularly paid their bills to Bell, and had credit card statements to prove it, but Bell’s accounting department was in such a mess, it had multiple places to send money to, and didn’t communicate balances across their offices apparently.

The comment section of the CBC story about Rogers is littered with other people who’ve had similar disasters with national wireless companies. Yet the Con’s ‘thrown’ speech they are tossing at Canadians is said to make it easier for people to get into billing arrangements with these vampire companies. Pick-and-Pay? More like Pay-and-Pray you don’t rue the day you signed away your money to these cable and wireless goons.


3 responses to “Rogers Is So Bad…

  1. I have a friend who has a similar problem with Bell Canada, he’s being relentlessly pursued by Bell and a variety of collection agencies they assign to pursue him over the past three years for a sum in excess of $ 2,000 for an alleged satellite TV account, despite his protests that he never had a satellite cable account with Bell, nor did he ever reside at the address to which service was delivered, that he resides at a different address and had obtained cable service through a different provider throughout this period. His protests fell on deaf ears, they refused to provide him with a copy of signed service contract for the actual address to which service was provided, or to investigate the matter further, but simply passed the matter on to collection agencies to ceaselessly harass an innocent party.

    His own enquiries reveal a couple of crackhead welfare deadbeats he had evicted from room rental at his own address for multiple transgressions set up shop at a new address for a few months and ordered deluxe TV satellite service from Bell, never paid for said service, then instructed customer service at Bell to forward final bill charged to such person at such address. Rather than admit they were a party to fraud, or to investigate said security breach, Bell chooses to pass collection file on to different collection agencies….

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