Homeless Outreach

Carmichael Outreach sent me a press release. I like to pass those along for interesting events, so here it is. {I was also tickled that a little ol’ blogger like me got this release along with the city’s print, radio, and TV media.}

Please find attached a Media Advisory for the upcoming CRU/Carmichael Research Report Release to be held at Carmichael Outreach on World Homelessness Day (Oct. 10th). The report is focused on Canadian solutions for housing that can be interjected into the dialogue of Regina’s housing crisis.

Media Advisory

Release of the Research Report
“Homelessness in Regina: Current Situation and Solutions from Other Communities”
A Community-Based Research Project
funded by the Community Research Unit of the University of Regina
Date: Thursday, October 10, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Carmichael Outreach, 1925 Osler Street, Regina

As part of World Homelessness Day, Carmichael Outreach is releasing a research report entitled “Homelessness in Regina: Current Situation and Solutions from Other Communities” conducted by Nicolina Vracar and funded by the Community Research Unit at the University of Regina for Carmichael Outreach.

Carmichael Outreach continues to have difficulty finding and maintaining housing for hard-to-house, high-needs clients. The currently employed treatment model for mental health and addiction leaves many clients caught in a cycle of blacklisting, and scrambling to find housing. Housing First has been employed as a new strategy for treatment, with tremendous success in many locales across Canada that share similar “homelessness contexts”, where clients are provided housing as a right, instead of having to earn it as a privilege.
We hope this report will stimulate new strategies for treating chronic addiction and mental health that respect and uphold individual’s humanity and dignity.

Thank you,

Tyler Gray B.H.J.
Housing Support Coordinator
Carmichael Outreach Inc.
1925 Osler Street
Regina, SK S4P 1W3
Phone: 306.757.2235
Fax: 306.757.2205


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