Senate/PMO Corruption Scandal Hits New Height

Two senators were named last night in a Bob Fife report, after he saw an incriminating email where the seators threatened fellow senator Mike Duffy with expulsion from the Senate if he didn’t accept Wright’s $90,000 pay-off. Could this be why Duffy said he wanted a full airing of the circumstances under which he agreed to go along with the scheme to cover up his bogus residency expense claims?

I dare say many Canadians will find this level of corruption too otherworldly to believe on the face of it, with their delicate sensibilities of our fair nation totally offended by the mere suggestion that senators could be blackmailing each other to take payoffs.


How many Senators will be jailed before 2020?


9 responses to “Senate/PMO Corruption Scandal Hits New Height

  1. The Queen and the House and the Senate are design to check eachother’s power, like in Roman times. No doubt there are superior arrangements possible. For instance in our system a majority PM has more power and a minority PM, less.
    Harper has modified this system already significantly. The 4 yr PM terms and 8 yr Senate caps went without much fanfare. The 8 yr Senate term limit makes a PM more powerful and the Senate less, as a PM can stack a Senate. At the same time, there never was any incentive for a Senator to learn about long-term issue; some were going senile. It is easy enough to de facto not allow any more media appointments here. It doesn’t have to be a tacit rule change. In the USA, poor people go to prison and crime rates are higher.
    It would be better to restore the 5 yr PM majority term if elected by a 10% margin. This would have the effect of making party alliances more dynamic. Too many parties and you get a Hitler Germany state of affairs where everyone is given a chance at power just to break gridlock.
    My best suggestion is to give The House the right to vote in Senators in a majority, and the PM or Cabinet in a minority. Anyone who says all things must be voted is delusional and and doesn’t understand Human Rights or division of labour.

  2. …corporatism is why the USA is inferior. Corporations don’t fund education (as well) and like low taxes and deficits. At least in the USA they have better sectors than our finance and oil. Crime sells media ads.
    The cdn people already know about too many political parties, the danger: after a few minorities everyone drifted left or right. Polarized. Giving an incentive for a 10% election victory would encourage mergers. To me, protest parties are founded in a revlutionary time, like NDP and CPC great depression foundation, and this is inefficient once the revolutionary factors have ended. The socredit economic philosophy is bankrupt as people can’t plan out their personal finances over their lifetimes and their decedants lifetimes, as optimally as can good gvmt. The people in Cgy and Edm or basically mildly evil; I can sense it. The NDP, has a coward’s foreign policy. It would allow new WMDs to be developed or old ones stockpiled, in too many countries and in countries with fewer checks on power than the nuke club. Both parties were founded in the middle of nowhere, far away from major ports or transportation hubs that make the real (AGW-vulnerable) world, visible.

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