ConCalls: #RoboCon Trial Inches Forward

The trial of maybe the only Conservative stooge to face a judge for illegal robocalls during the last federal election, is underway.

Sona is a stooge, and I think an election criminal. He was from the get-go when he burst onto the scene in 2011 as the thug who tried to snatch a ballot box in Guelph. Did he access thousands of phone numbers in CIMS for which he didn’t have authorization for from CPC HQ? Nope. He’s a player in a conspiracy that robocalled the Conservatives to victory last time. There’s a cover up in Ottawa which the RCMP and Elections Canada have failed to prosecute the CPC DB admin or other related people for removing evidence of the real Pierre Poutine and others like him who interfered in hundreds of ridings nation wide.


2 responses to “ConCalls: #RoboCon Trial Inches Forward

  1. Mr. Sona now realizes that he was just used as a patsy in the Harperite electoral fraud of 2011.

    That does not excuse his crime, but I predict that he will sing like a canary on the witness stand.

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