Photography As Art

Well, when isn’t photography art? Maybe quite often, but there’s no disputing the photos of Naomi Harris are art. She seems to take a lot of people photos, while I prefer landscapes and architecture as they are more readily available in rural Saskatchewan.

“I just decided to do this trip to learn more about my own country, because I’ve seen more of Europe and the U.S,” Harris said in a phone interview from Minnesota.

“It’s almost as if there’s a reason why the provincial borders are drawn where they are. Even passing from Saskatchewan into Manitoba, it completely changes within a short distance. We’re all Canadians and we share something as Canadians, but there are so many cultural differences from province to province.”

In Saskatchewan, she photographed people at a Weyburn demolition derby, seniors sitting in the shallow water of Lake Manitou, an Ituna resident who at the time was Canada’s oldest woman, and residents of Poor Man’s reservation in the Battlefords area.

“I really liked Saskatchewan,” Harris said. “Friends said I’d breeze through because there’s nothing there. But there were so many interesting people and things to see.”

I too have traveled to most places in Canada, and many States, because it’s easily accessible to a young person with a camera. I must admit I’m envious that she’s got a grant to go further north in Canada to see the sites up there.


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