Leaders Using Drugs

There was a time in Canadian history when it was possible to elect a politician who wasn’t an alcohol drinker (Gardiner, for example). Now it may still be possible to elect someone who doesn’t drink coffee.

It’s time to end prohibition on marijuana. This isn’t said to support the Liberals, it’s to support what will create the best society for Canada. The Drug War is an American political invention, boosted by Reagan, and it’s a social catastrophe that needlessly destroys lives at a faster pace than serious drug abuse.

If you knew me even eleven years ago, you’d realize this is the opposite of what sort of legislation you’d have thought I would support. I’ve met more people, looked at more evidence, and listened to the growing list of experts who can clearly demonstrate the insanity in pursuing criminal charges against users of marijuana and some other forms of chemicals. Would you ever support incarceration for coffee drinkers if it was learned that coffee seriously harms people and impairs their ability to drive or think clearly? I would not.

BONUS partisan jab:
I’ve seen photos of Stephen Harper in a Tim Hortons! *gasp* #HardCoreCaffeineUser Harper doesn’t support Harm Reduction, or Carb Reduction either.


8 responses to “Leaders Using Drugs

  1. The problem is: this isn’t a marijuana issue, nor is it a coffee issue… this is an issue of an MP choosing which laws to follow. Are you advocating a society where we pick and choose which laws we obey based on personal opinion or preference?

    The coffee line is a clever distraction, one that has been strategically designed to take focus off the the real issue at hand. Not that Trudeau smoked a joint, but that he is blatantly standing in the face of the law and showing contempt for it.

    No matter how you spin it, how can we trust an elected official to best represent us in government when he doesn’t have the common sense to govern himself within the laws established in our country?

    • So, what would happen if a politician in the 1950s, in Louisiana, had said they’d allowed a Black man to vote? Or a Canadian DRO in the 1950s had allowed a First Nations woman to vote? Contempt for unjust laws is important.

      • I couldn’t disagree more. I believe as soon as you take the laws into your own hands based on your opinion or interpretation of the law you no longer support a civilized society.

        Also, it is insulting to compare the freedom to get high with the abolishment of legislated racism.

        Regardless, contempt of so called “unjust laws” may be important, but fighting within the legal system to get them changed is more important. Do you really want to open the door for every fanatic to crusade his cause with complete disregard for society?

      • That’s the supposed Canadian (and American) freedom rights we have. Instead, peaceful protesters are met not only with legal scorn from opponents, but state spying, infiltration, and harassment and arrest. Too few are then willing to state what they really think, and instead wait for a powerful leader to speak their mind before feeling safe enough to voice their support for change.

    • Coffee (caffeine) is not a distraction. It is a well known psychoactive drug which happens to currently be legal. So is alcohol. So is tobacco.Trust in elected officials should not limited only to those that blindly accept the current status, then nothing will ever change. Trust needs to be placed in those that show sensible attitudes towards all our current problems, not those that simply follow obviously damaging laws. We can change laws.

    • Kind of like a leader who chooses which laws to break — like setting election dates into law then calling it at your own whim — or surrounding himself with criminals (too many to name ie carson etc) or ethiclally challenged, expense-flaunting journos; having your bagmen go to a dying MP and offer a bribe for his vote isn’t kosher, either, as is letting your party database be used to ruse voters… I know exactly what you mean.

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