ISS Flying South West of Regina


From Victoria Park almost a week ago.

From tonight:


4 responses to “ISS Flying South West of Regina

  1. Great clip. I’m surprised you managed to record it with that much ambient light. About three weeks ago I picked it up transiting over Vancouver Island with the Japanese cargo module just visible in trail. The Japanese module was due to dock the following day. It was really cool to see the two craft overhead in formation. Wish I’d had the know how to try to record that.

    BTW, are you using an ISS app?

  2. I was hand-holding the camera, a Canon S5IS point and shoot, with focus manually set to infinity, and would just slowly zoom in on the dot as it flew past. Photos are a bit harder, but got a few hand held ones too, at ISO 1600, 1 second, any aperture it’s visible.

    I use to tell me when the times come up that it’s visible from my Earthly location.

    • The video is whatever it is, but hand held. The photo shows clear wavering, but I am fairly steady for a human. Not quite rock-like, but that superpower would be nice sometimes.

      The photo above is : 1.6 sec ƒ/5.6 ISO 1600 7.5 mm

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