Paul McCartney Rocks Regina

*Goosebumps* I got goosebumps up the back of my head when he played Hey Jude.
Paul McCartney concert in Regina


A music legend played in the Queen City for the first time, and seemed to love it. The crowd sure did. What perfect weather, and a perfect night! A quick cheering poll identified most of the stadium’s audience as being from outside of Regina.

Paul McCartney concert in Regina

His Out There tour wrapped up.

My cell phone has pitiful audio quality, but my good camera has much better sound and some clips will be on YouTube soon.



– For Sheila



4 responses to “Paul McCartney Rocks Regina

  1. This has nothing to do with McCartney but, man, I gotta tell ya that shot of the gate into Mosaic brings back memories.

    In the sixties that’s the gate we used to most often use to get into Taylor Field for high school football games. We would sit in that lower section below that pair of lights. I shivered when I saw that pic.

    Thanks for the frisson.

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