Aggressive Cop Loses to Skateboarder

There might be a better way to entertain kids who want to skateboard in a city, other than yell at them, push them, and make their desired outdoor fun illegal. Baltimore wasn’t doing a good job 6 years ago. Regina’s not far behind.

“Dude” cop loses his temper. Doesn’t file report. Gets famous on YouTube. Gets fired.

Sousveillance wins the day.

Build a Roof-Ready skate park for Regina? Maybe one with a dome would be wiser.


4 responses to “Aggressive Cop Loses to Skateboarder

  1. Could have attached him with his skateboard? Yah, right. He could have bit his kneecap, too. A 19 year veteran should have far more self control, professionalism and ability to handle the situation. I guess he was never trained in crisis management. Perhaps that why, with his 19 years of experience, he is patrolling the park in a Smart Car and rather silly looking uniform. Frankly, it doesn’t command much respect. Nor does his fairly obvious out of shape physique.
    My son is an 18 year veteran of a large metropolitan police department. Now, after almost 8 years as a fraud detective he is the department’s Public Information Officer. What has (ex)Officer Rivieri been doing for all of this time? Consuming a fair few donuts I suspect.
    He should have been thinking of his wife and family before loosing his cool. The sob story afterwards doesn’t cut it!

  2. So happy to hear that stupid tub-o-shit got what he deserved. And his dick-head lawyer’s nonsense about the thug fearing for his safety from the 14 year old deserves to be treated the same way as that kid was. By some other goon cop in another town.

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