What Conservatives Should Ask About The Economy

If civilization’s value could be summed up in Trillions of dollars, how many would it be?

Is $60 Trillion everything we know? Let’s assume it’s $100 Trillion for fun. If $60T damage is inflicted on everything which is $100T, can the remaining $40T of production recover? How long would it take for Canada’s GDP to recover?

Think about it another way. If a tiny five kilometer wide asteroid were to hit Earth as they sometimes do, that would cause at least $100T worth of damage to the world economy*. Is it really worth measuring civilization-destroying events in dollars? Who is really more motivated to save the world when they hear it will collectively cost Trillions of dollars if we fail to save it? Conservatives really feel this way? Do Liberals?

“Yeah, so? What will it cost me personally? You don’t know? Well, I’m not going to worry about hypotheticals then, because that money I’m earning ruining the world isn’t going to earn itself.”

Albert St. photo IMG_3725_zpsf713ed76.jpg

*(It would also end civilization as we know it. Game Over.)


One response to “What Conservatives Should Ask About The Economy

  1. But John, only last year we learned that the cost to Canada from the much hoped and prayed-for climate change will only be $5 billion a year. That’s peanuts, that’s less than what Canada gives away every year in foreign aid. Canada has a $1.5 trillion GDP and climate change will only cost $5 billion. Its nothing. So don’t worry John, because you live in Canada with a conscientious and hard working Conservative government in power, you’re safe.

    BTW, where is Saskboy? We don’t hear from him much anymore.

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