Check-Mate #ClimateChange

What’s utterly frustrating when discussing Climate Change with Deniers, is they don’t plan the big picture logically. More specifically, their plans can be shown to place civilization into extreme danger of ending [GAME OVER]. Perhaps because I grew up playing Chess, I’m familiar with the concept that no matter how badly the game is going, you cannot move so that your King is placed into check (a position where you will lose on the next move should your opponent make the correct move). Deniers are always trying to move the economy’s pieces so that civilization is in check.


For instance, if you realize that burning all of the fossil fuel reserves we’ve already discovered will far exceed the available space in the atmosphere and oceans to accommodate that carbon pollution, you’ll favour moving quickly away from bothering to make new oil discoveries. If maintaining civilization were a game, and changing the climate that brought modern civilization about is a way to destroy it and lose the game, you’ll rule out subsidizing oilfield exploration. To not rule it out, is moving your civilization into check.

Do The Math
“The fight of our time.”

Do The Math – English subtitles from on Vimeo.

19 responses to “Check-Mate #ClimateChange

  1. Then maybe the poster boy for climate change shouldnt have been an ex presidential candidate who made hundreds of millions of dollars flying around the world polluting the air while at the same time building a 20 room mansion and telling us we have to change the way we live. Kyoto….Kyoto…Kyoto….elections were won by lying and misleading voters. Sorry, but if Climate change was and is a serious issue wouldnt more Liberals and so called progressives be leading by example? If Climate change was a serious Canadian issue wouldnt the Greens, NDP and Liberal partys have merged by now?
    I will believe it when I see leadership and not hypocrisy.

  2. I can’t understand anything unless it is converted to a standard international unit of measurement like the number of Hiroshima bombs or 24’s of beer. Lol!

    • Your intentional misunderstanding of the analogy is growing tiresome. People lose track of how many joules of this and that, but can get an idea of magnitude if they picture a city being roasted by comparison, or how many 24 of beer cans it would take to be as incapable of creative thought as a Klem.

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  5. Interesting discussion about the term Climate Denial:

    “A DIEHARD global warming sceptic is happy to believe in all the other types of science, it has emerged.

    Retired accountant Norman Steele believes climate change is a lie, yet fully accepts other types of science such as physics, medicine and the various technologies that enable him to fly to Spain on holiday.

    Wife Emma said: “I’ve never seen him trying to disprove chemistry or claim Einstein was just into relativity for the money.”

  7. Will the NDP actually take the climate crisis seriously?

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