Don’t Commit Sociology When It Makes Sense

Don’t talk about the dark if it’s still night.

Don’t talk about the oil while it’s spilling.

Don’t mention a war that’s still being fought.

Don’t talk about a drought while it’s still dry.

Don’t talk about a flood if it’s still wet.

Don’t talk about the day if it’s still light.

Don’t mention guns while children are shot.

Don’t look at famine when food is wasted.

Don’t mention fires while they’re still hot.

Don’t talk about terrorism, as towers are smoking.

Don’t worry about Climate Change, I’m buying a Range Rover.

Overtired pilots after a plane crash; you must be joking?

That’s all I’ve got.

Regina, Saskatchewan

2 responses to “Don’t Commit Sociology When It Makes Sense

  1. hi John…great post. It’s beautifully written and it says it ALL. You know I’m a bit of a poet myself, and I’ve thought of posting some of my stuff. But after this I don’t think I dare… ;)

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