4 Atom Bombs of Heat Per Second

Need to visualize the amount of heat trapped due to the greenhouse effect enhanced by excessive carbon dioxide levels. By raising carbon dioxide levels in Earth’s air, the land, ice, and oceans are warming significantly, even during the last 15 years when climate change deniers attempt to claim there hasn’t been any warming and thus their incorrect point is that there is no global warming.

That’s nearly 2 billion atomic bomb detonations worth of heat accumulating in the Earth’s climate system since 1998, when we’re told global warming supposedly ‘paused’.

From SMH (A serious Australian newspaper):

Mr Cook said studies have tried to put a number on how much of global warming is caused by humans, ‘‘and the rough answer is, all of it’’.He said for the past two decades, 97 per cent of scientists have been in agreement human activity is causing warmer temperatures.


12 responses to “4 Atom Bombs of Heat Per Second

  1. Funny. Ontario Hydro just nailed me 2g’s for last winter’s hydro because they didnt calculate my usage due to the very very cold winter, and, informed me that because they are forecasting colder winters over the next few years have said I really should upgrade my forced air furnace. Now, as far as I know sea levels have remained exactly the same as they were 20 years ago despite the fact Al Gore warned us they are rising every year. I also watched a great documentary on Nova last week where scientists scuba dived off the shores of Belize and filmed the wonderful stalagmites and stalagtites 100 feet under the sea when as they said, caves stood 100,000 years ago but now the rising seas have hidden their beauty. Anyway, I agree all weather change should stop, and, am willing to sacrifice a chicken or a goat to help out, I’m short on money so donating to Al Gore’s foundation is out of the question.

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  3. 4 atom bombs of heat per second. Is that some new form of imperial measurement? I haven’t clue what that means.

    Now if it were measured in 24’s of beer, I’d comprehend it immediately. And it would be much more understanable to the average Canuck.

    So exactly how many 24’s of beer is ‘4 atom bombs of heat per second’ Saskboy?

  4. I’ve found that when people resort to that kind of fruity name calling, it means their feeling frustrated and more importantly it means I’ve won.

    Looks like I’ve won Johnny. Lol!


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