ConCalls: Duffy’s Crime Uses RCMP Time #cdnpoli

It’s unfortunate that it’s taken over 2 years for the RCMP to dig into Conservative election records. We desperately need some authority to enforce election laws, because not paying a bill to make it seem as if a spending limit isn’t exceeded, is two kinds of crime.

stop harper

Harper’s corrupted the PMO past the point even Chretien did, and it’s only a partisan, censoring, Conservative relations machine.

When the PMO wasn’t busy cutting a cheque to a Con senator known to gallivant around the country simply to raise money for the Conservative Party, it was sending small city media anonymous press releases to make the Liberal leader look bad. Is that what a Prime Minister’s Office should be working on? Shouldn’t they be closing scientific research, or harassing a charity somewhere?

I hope someone has gone through the papers that printed the PMO’s smear of Trudeau, because the bravery at the Barrie Advance has given us the opportunity to create a list of newspapers that are in bed with the PMO.

Is a journalist compiling this list, or has a blogger? As time ticked by, some online papers may have pulled down their initial use of the PMO smear sent by Meekes and others.


5 responses to “ConCalls: Duffy’s Crime Uses RCMP Time #cdnpoli

  1. The root problem once again is that we do not have written rules limiting the powers of the prime minister- any prime minister, but this one is the worst. Other Westminster Parliamentary democracies have written rules. Until we see this, we are like little mice scampering around the feet of the elephant. The book Democratizing the Constitution – an award winner- should be much more widely read and discussed. Some real solutions there.

  2. I’ve been suggesting in previous months that concerned Canadians identify every public servant in the PMO.. determine their approx salary, their job title, who directs or supervises them, and confirm what they actually do etc..

    There may be other public servants such as Ms Meekes.. or previous public servants such as Bruce Carson, Tom Flanagan etc who would benefit from a little publicity regarding their endeavors, failures or bias on behalf of, or against the interests of Canadians.

    The nether world of Jenni Byrne, Ray Novak, Arthur Hamilton, Stephen Lecce, Fred DeLorey et al would also be interesting to examine.. as well as key lobbyists, facilitators, fixers, PR flacks, pundits, trolls, datageeks & any others who may just be partisan pricks or big oil pimps that could use a bit of daylight flashed under their rocks and crevices.

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