Some really excellent criticism of wide swaths of the MSM, from… Gawker???

Let’s be honest: Edward Snowden (pictured), the man who made a calculated decision to risk everything he has in order to reveal the NSA’s secret spying program, did something heroic. You don’t have to believe Edward Snowden himself is a grand hero, or a larger-than-life figure. But if you are a journalist— someone who works constantly to shed light on the workings of the government, with the belief that news is good for the public— you have to acknowledge that Edward Snowden did something quite admirable. If you are astute and rational enough to understand that a massive government domestic spying operation is newsworthy, then you must also understand that the person who exposed it at great personal risk has done something brave and worthwhile. Without Snowden’s act, the public’s knowledge of what is being done to them in their own name would be much poorer.


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