Turkey Arrests CBC Journalist Sasa Petricic

Saša Petricic has been arrested in the midst of covering the Occupy Gezi protest in Istanbul. This is an outrage which the Turkish government will not be able to defend themselves from.

Short hours before his arrest, this was the scene:



They were released many hours later:

4 responses to “Turkey Arrests CBC Journalist Sasa Petricic

  1. We’re over-reacting to this. Reporters covering social upheaval are routinely apprehended – if they’re doing their job well. It’s what Turkish authorities do with them afterwards that matters. The CBC is reporting the two are fine which suggests they’ll be processed and released. It’s not like they’ve fallen into Taliban hands and are about to be beheaded. Do you think reporters haven’t seen worse at the hands of Canadian, British or American authorities?

  2. Keep em
    we have lots more useless CBCers here. Can send you another couple of thousand if you room for them.

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