Rathgeber Out of the Strong, Stable, National, Majority, Conservative Government

Who could forget Harper’s “strong, stable” majority comment during his victory speech in 2011 after his party swept to surprise power on a wave of election fraud supporting his party? Two years later, the Cons have lost disgraced Minister Penashue to a campaign overspending (and illegal contribution) crime for which he resigned (has not be charged yet), and was defeated in a recent by-election. Del Mastro, Fantino, Glover, Van Loan, Bezan, have also fallen under scrutiny since May 2, 2011 for serious campaign violations (and an admission from Van Loan’s campaign compliance agreement with Elections Canada). Senator Brazeau was fired from caucus. The Ray Boughen campaign is being highlighted by the Senator Wallin phony expense claim scandal. Senator Duffy is out of the Con Party for taking $90,000 from the disgraced PMO Chief of Staff Nigel Wright who just coincidentally happened to control A SECRET CPC SLUSH FUND!

DeLorey was asked: Is there any reason those funds could not have been used in the Duffy-Wright deal?

He replied: “No funds were used for that.”

MacDougall in the PMO was asked: Were any of these funds in any way connected to the Wright-Duffy deal?

He replied: “I can give you a clear, ‘No.’ The funds used were Mr. Wright’s personal funds.”

I trust those two guys as much as Stephen Harper likes Brent Rathgeber.

A Conservative Party spokesman [Fred DeLorey, director of communications] is now admitting that his party did recently make calls to Saskatchewan residents about electoral redistribution, after initially denying the party had anything to do with the calls.

UPDATE NEXT DAY: CPC now denies the fund even exists!

That popping sound you heard last night was Tony “Open Government” Clement’s head exploding from embarrassment.

Will Peter MacKay be the next to break off from the Conservative coalition? No, probably not. (Interesting note: The CPC is the only Canadian political party with the word “coalition” in its constitution. If you don’t know why, Peter MacKay could tell you.)

How “stable” is your majority feeling now, eh Harper?


Greenpeace Canada response to CEAP ads.


Rathgeber ended up saying what May brought up about PMO bullies just last week.


One response to “Rathgeber Out of the Strong, Stable, National, Majority, Conservative Government

  1. Maybe the anti-choice Jesus freaks will decide they might as well run as old-style Reformers again, than make common cause with the satanic harper and Deficit-Jim Flaherty.

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