End Point

If we pass the point of no return, we will have runaway global warming and the end point is human extinction. I don’t think people quite get that yet.

I know many who don’t take the issue of civilization’s survivability very seriously. Most of my peers have grown up hearing that climate change is happening, and we need to do something about it, but we assumed the older generations were doing something. Turns out, the problem is much worse today than in 1990, and we’ve spent the majority of our lives hearing that it’s been worked on. The efforts to reduce air pollution, have run up against real world efforts to work against progress, leaving large ground lost. Obstinate, short-sighted conservatives call science a “liberal billionaire crusade”, a “gimmick“, as if civilization has an innate, God-given right to exist no matter the destructive, damning policies it opts to enact on the real world at breakneck speed.

The “Denial Machine” churns away, fueling not only air pollution, but actively damaging bi-partisan political efforts to reduce preventable pollution. Every dollar invested into gasoline, a Walmart or Dollar store trinket, or an automobile is another quiet vote for the death of civilization. This is not a right wing vs. left wing issue at its core. It’s a struggle for survival, and the right wing has chosen the side of the struggle whose end point is human extinction. Why would they do this? They choose ignorance, so they don’t feel so bad about doing what they ought to know they shouldn’t be doing. How could they? Life trends toward death, so deadly policies are innately easier to enact and defend politically. It’s a cake walk when your supporters clamp their hands over their ears, and shut their eyes as a political instinct.

It takes no creativity to die,
No resistance to shrug and to sigh,
It’s the status-quo,
And don’t you know?
Civilization’s evening draws nigh.

Three weeks ago, as the Senate scandal was breaking, the planet passed 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, [May] says.

“We relate better to issues we can understand. Which means we will get very excited about things that are fundamentally trivial and miss that we are sleepwalking towards the edge of cliff,” she says.
Her eyes are moistening with tears, but she holds back.

“I have obligations.”

Don’t we all have an obligation to preserve a future for life after ours? Too many don’t think or act like they care. Shouldn’t they care?

May’s response.


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