ConCalls: Yep, Still Defrauded #RoboCon

canada fraud *Canada: 0 Days Without Election Fraud*

You can start at the beginning in great detail
Or you can jump to the end of the beginning.

You can draw conclusions so simple a child, or a computer scientist could make them.

I’m sure the corporate media will tell us if there’s a problem. Or maybe not.

Some of them seem a little concerned at least.

[We learned,] thanks to confirmations by chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand, that Conservatives have been slowing down the criminal probe into robocalls — keeping investigators cooling their heels for months, scheduling interview appointments that get cancelled and making key people unavailable for questioning.

You don’t need a degree in psychology to ask: Is this how people act when they’ve got nothing to hide?

That’s about as scathing as our timid, little, professional, neutered media can manage.

It’s okay journalists, the American media has noticed the Crime Minister, so you have their permission to catch up.

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